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INFL24 - VINYL  + WAV DOWNLOAD 10 tracks

5 x 12" Vinyl £90.00

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What can be said about Ray Keith that has not already been said? The original Don of the jungle scene has always been an incredible source for the best of the best in jungle, whether speaking of his Dj sets, or his long legacy of musical production.

On 21st Century Junglist, he takes over three decade worth of knowledge, skill and talent, to kraft an authentic album of straight up jungle bangers. This selection of 10 brand new tracks is both authentically old skool, and a breath of fresh air that will smash any dancefloor. Every track a winner, every track on fire, this album is limited in number and not to be missed.

Cut as a 10" dubplate style on a 12" platter, the look and sound is as unique as the man himself...


*This Release was originally cut as a 10" to be pressed at MPO. MPO clowned around for 18 months and we didnt get anything, so we moved this release to our new plant.

Our new plant doesnt have a 10" pressing machine. So this is 12" vinyl with a 10" record on it, which is both mad, but also kinda cool. I was gonna just pretend we did this on purpose - we have done it before after all, and it IS a cool look. But I thought you might prefer to know why its so weridly awesome. And that is why!

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